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Earlier this month I wrote a series of posts on the Iron Pentacle, a meditational  tool for self-discovery and transformation used within the Reclaiming tradition. The Iron Pentacle, and its partner, the Pearl Pentacle, came from the Feri tradition, and have evolved within Reclaiming to become something slightly different.

I spoke of Iron, now it is time for Pearl…

The Iron pentacle is the foundation of self, the work of a lifetime.

The Pearl pentacle is what happens when you are strong and balanced in yourself; healthy relationships and communities arise. Pearl is, therefore, the work of many lifetimes.*

Energetically Pearl is what happens when the energies of Iron come into balance and vibrate up, expanding from a self-centric to a community-centric relationship with the world. Conceptually, Pearl is what happens when you take the ideas of Iron and imagine them expressed in community and in the world in a healthy way.

The point of Pearl grow out of the points of Iron…

Sex becomes Love

Pride becomes Law

Self becomes Knowledge

Power becomes Liberty

Passion becomes Wisdom

We need a strong sense of Iron in order to act through Pearl… if you do not have a clear, clean access to lifeforce, you cannot express it in support of others and connect healthily. If you do not have an sense of your place in the world, you cannot understand the natural Law which places all things in relationship, in the flow of cause and effect. If you have no knowledge of yourself you cannot know the world… and so on.

Iron is the foundation that a strong Pearl can grow on, without Iron the Pearl is hollow and caves in. Conversely, too much iron energy, to the exclusion of pearl, can make connecting with others rough going!

Over the next few weeks I will be exploring the points of Pearl, and how they relate to Iron. Up to now in my practice, I’ve not articulated Pearl as thoroughly as I have Iron, so I’ll be almost thinking it through as we go and I look forward to seeing where it goes and how it all fits together. I intend to post these once a week, each Monday, starting today. If this goes well, I hope to look at making Magical Monday posts a regular thing!

Please let me know what you think, how you’re finding these ideas, and if theres something you can see I’m missing or you’d like to know more about in the comments. As pearl is the work of a community, I’d like to work with you all on this project… even if you just wanted to wave to let me know you’re out there 🙂

*If anyone knows where the saying ‘Iron is the work of a lifetime, pearl is the work of many lifetimes’ originated, I would love to be able to give credit, please let me know!