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This is the fourteenth post in a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.

“Glamour Bombing” a form of artistic and poetic terrorism that involves acts of random beauty, inspiration, joy, magic or wonder with the purpose to raise ambient levels of glamour in the environment, glamour being the unique magic of the fae.

A glamour bomb is any public act or work that aims to inspire genuine curiosity and childlike befuddlement, a change of thought process, belief in magic, belief in the fae, and/or a sense of wonder in the recipient.

~From the glamourbomb ‘Tribe.net’ page


If you’ve been following the music for a while, letting these kisses from the pixies enchant you, enchantment should be blossoming in your life… cultivating a sense of wonder is a magical act.

Allowing enchantment into your heart is a good step, but perhaps you feel called to share some of that wonder with the world?

One way to do this is to practice the art of ‘glamourbombing’.

Inspired by random acts of kindness and Hakim Bey’s poetic terrorism, a collection of enchanted individuals decided to bring glamour back to the everyday world, and set out to do so in very concrete ways.

Essentially performance and guerrilla art imbued with magical intent, glamourbombs are acts designed to cause a little dissonance in people’s minds, enough to stop them for a moment, and then to inject the idea of the possibility of magic, wonder, the fae, enchantment. From leaving notes scrawled by the fae in books and on walls, to gathering in costume as a collective of trooping fae granting wishes and sharing poetry, glamourbombing tends towards the beautiful and bizarre.

Enchantment shared is a wonderful thing, and gentle actions which inspire wonder and the thought that, perhaps, life can be fun and fantastical, can open others to a little more joy in their lives, even if its only a smile at the courage of others to play. Seeing that other people are capable of feeling the enchantment and sharing in a playful way can be a moment to treasure and remember when that is what your heart calls for.

Lead by example, share the enchantment.



For a good taste of possibilities try here:

http://www.eristic.net/fey/gbomb/glamourbombs.php – lots of ideas to try out!

The Wikipedia article is brief and to the point;

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glamourbomb – if you are interested in a short history.


While we’re on the subject, I’d be interested in hearing what alternatives to the term glamour ‘bombing’ there might be, since I understand the root of the word to be a surprise act which dismantles the current reality, in this case in favour of magic and wonder, but so much of our world is violent and soaked in war… perhaps we can find alternatives in our language that can shift our thinking into something more about beauty and connection than violence and disconnection…

Any thoughts?

How about… Glamour-gasm? 🙂



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