Published Writings

New! Quin’s Books

I now have my very own online bookstore where I’ll be selling most of my own books, and recommending other books too. Anything you buy there will give me a commission through the affiliate program, but I’ll only be listing books I actually recommend!

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As an author and writer, Halo offers a glimpse into the magic of the world. Her lifelong passion is faeries, so they are often found nearby, whether in poetry or prose.

She has her PhD in philosophy of storytelling, so is no stranger to academia, but believes in the importance of accessibility in writing.

New in 2023: Crimson Craft

Crimson Craft - sexual magic for the solo witch - healing magic working with the divine erotic in ritual and creative practices.

My latest book! “Crimson Craft – Sexual magic for the solo witch” is a book of healing, of self love, of sacred sexuality and the divine erotic. Working with ritual, creativity, journaling, magical practices, and deities of love, this book is not gender specific but rather honours the divine power of eros in each of us, supporting greater embodiment, pleasure, and love.

New in 2022: Folktales, Faeries, and Spirits

“Folktales, Faeries, and Spirits – faery magic from story to practice” is out now and available from all good bookstores. Probably some of the wicked ones too… Find out more here.

Cover of Folktales, Faeries, and Spirits book


All That Glitters – a poetic guide to faery magic

All That Glitters - wanderings and wonderings of a Changeling Bard - book cover

A Bardic Guide to Welsh Deities

Cover of "Gods and Goddesses of Wales" - A practical introduction to Welsh deities and their stories by Halo Quin. Cover image features 2 corvids silhouetted against an orange stormy sky.

Learn more here: Pagan Portals: Gods and Goddesses of Wales 

Order Gods and Goddesses of Wales directly from the publisher here!

An Introduction to Enchantment; Your Faery Magic

Book Cover YFM

Find out more about “Your Faery Magic” here.

Other Writings

Faery Heart Book

Now OUT OF PRINT . A short book guiding you through how to find the fae magic of delight in your own heart. The material in this little book was developed into Your Faery Magic… published by Moon Books Publishing.

A Parcel of Pixie Kisses

Enchantment in little kisses… week by week mini-adventures and projects to show you how to bring enchantment back into your everyday life. Self Published through Lulu alongside “Your Faery Heart”.

Featured In…

This contains a piece on my journey into Witchcraft.
I wrote a piece on Rhiannon as a Faery Queen and the relationship between her and horses.
Each contributor wrote on a particular Goddess, mine? The Faery Queen and why she is a goddess in her own right, as well as an archetype.
I wrote a short piece on eclecticism in paganism in response to the view that pick-and-mix is the norm.
I write philosophy too! This anthology contains a piece on Heidegger’s notion of world and why I think art can help us change said world!
Pragmatism Today
And another philosophy piece! A serious thing about Heidegger’s philosophy of art and Klee that was originally part of my PhD but didn’t make the final cut… Enjoy πŸ™‚

‘Not My Story’ – Short story published in Future Earth Magazine, volume 5, available to download for free here.

And for the NSFW crowd…

Twisted – Honest Reflections of a Kinky Witch – a collection. (Pub. September 2020 by Herbary Books)

Poetry and prose on themes such as sex, BDSM, the magic of pleasure and the sacred nature of play.

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  1. Ah, we are both featured in the Paganism 101 Book it seems – mine is a short piece on Herbs! πŸ™‚

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