Workshops & Magical Classes

Upcoming Workshops, Rituals, and Magical Events:

  • Online Talk: MoonCon23 – 11th March, 2pm – “Crimson Craft: ecstatic, embodied, erotic, healing magic for every witch”
  • Ritual: Imbolc Celebration – Aberystwyth. (Invite only)

Book launch parties for my next book “Crimson Craft – sexual magic for the solo witch”

Join the Crimson Coven Collective for prompts, discussion, online workshops and rituals…

Next Crimson Coven events:

  • Online Ritual: Full Moon/Imbolc ritual with healing meditation and feasting afterwards. Sunday 5th February ’23, 7pm GMT (Join the collective with the button above to attend!)
  • Online Workshop: Courting Divine Love – Wednesday 15th February ’23, 7pm GMT

Previous Workshops, Rituals, and Events have included: 

  • Training Course: Star Club Cycle 3, training Magicians with Sef Salem, Bristol, 2022 – 2023
  • Workshop: Writing for Ritual, hosted by Star Club, 14th January ’23
  • Workshop: The Divine Erotic – pleasure as our guide to presence, at the Stepping into Possibilities Summit, 7th January ’23 (Get workshop recordings for the whole summit here)
  • Workshops: Tarot in the Temple, various Wednesdays in November, at The Rabbit Hole, Aberystwyth
  • Ritual: Samhain, co-created with local moot, Aberystwyth, 28th October ’22
  • Workshop: Intuitive Tarot Reading, hosted by Star Club, 24th September ’22
  • Ritual: Autumn Equinox, co-created with local moot, Aberystwyth, 16th September ’22
  • Talk & Book Launch: Folktales, Faeries, and Spirits, South Wales Occult Conference, 27th August, 2022
  • Ritual: Lammas, co-created with local moot, Aberystwyth, 7th August ’22
  • Workshop: Natural Magic in the Temple, hosted by Star Club, 23rd July ’22
  • Talk: Finding your Way into Faery, Online at MoonCon22, July ’22
  • Ritual: Summer Solstice, co-created with local moot, Aberystwyth, June ’22
  • Co-facilitating Online Course: Art of Devotion, by World Tree Lyceum, Summer ’22
  • Ritual: Beltane, co-created with local moot, Aberystwyth, May ’22
  • Course: Elemental Magic, Online, Spring 2021
  • Training Course: Star Club Cycle 2, training Magicians with Sef Salem, Bristol, 2021 – 2022
  • Book Launch of All That Glitters, Online April 2021 (Find All That Glitters here)
  • Book Launch of Twisted, Online September 2020 (Find Twisted Here)
  • Course: Elemental Magic, Online, 2020
  • Course: Folkloric Faery Magic, Online, 2020
  • Training Course: Star Club Cycle 1, training Magicians with Sef Salem, Bristol, 2019 – 2020
  • Book Launch of Gods and Goddesses of Wales, Aberystwyth Waterstones (Find Gods & Goddesses of Wales here)
  • Workshop: Spirits of The Land, 30th April 2017, Carmarthen Read about the Spirits of the Land workshop here!
  • Workshop: The Goddess as Faery Queen, 2nd September ’17, Goddess House, Glastonbury Read about the Faery Queen as Goddess workshop here!
  • Workshop: Spirits of the Land, with Susan Moonroot, Lampeter, Summer 2016
  • Book Launch of Your Faery Magicincluding Faerytale Storytelling and Book reading, Lampeter University
  • Weekend Workshop: The Iron Pentacle, with Raven Edgewalker, Imbolc 2015
  • Ritual and Pagan Rep at Earth Healing Day, Peace Mala HQ in Swansea, July 2014
  • Co-teaching at International CampThe Three Realms. Spain, 2014
  • Co-Teaching at Dragonrise 2013, The First Dragon – Alchemy Path Wildways on the Borle
  • Correspondence Course: Elements of Magic, Spring 2013
  • Co-teaching at International Camp, Spain, 2013
  • Workshop: Your Faery Heart at International Reclaiming Camp, Thomas the Rhymer, Spain, 2012
  • Organising & Co-teaching at Dragonrise 2011 near Bangor, 4th – 7th August 2011 – A family friendly Reclaiming Witchcamp. I student taught a Path on Self-discovery with Suus Obdier, and running the rituals as part of the teaching team. Check out the website here.
  • Ritual: Beltane 2011, in Lampeter – a ritual connecting to the Lord and Lady of the Green, opening to their help in clearing the paths to our dreams and stepping forward…
  • Online series: Pixie Kisses, Now a Book! – Over at the Faery Hearted Blog I had an ongoing series of activities for re-enchanting your world, one pixie kiss at a time. Buy the collection here.
  • Imbolc Ritual in Glastonbury, 4th February 2011 – A Reclaiming style Imbolc ritual facilitated by members of the Reclaiming community, including myself.
  • Workshop: Iron Pentacle with Raven Edgewalker, Glastonbury, 4th-6th February 2011 – The Iron Pentacle is a tool used in Reclaiming and Feri for self-discovery and self-integration, working through the points on the pentacle labelled Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion. More details can be found here.
  • Workshop: Faery Heart, Lampeter, 27th November 2010 – Discover your true nature under the guidance of the Faery Queen. Using meditation, creativity and play we will explore our hearts as they are before we are weighed down by the roles we have to fill in life, in order to live more in tune with what makes us happy.
  • Organising & Co-Teaching at Dragonrise 2009, The First Dragon – Alchemy Path, near Cardiff
  • Workshop: Introduction to Faery Magic, Winter 2008, Lampeter
  • Workshop: Introduction to Divination, Winter 2007, Lampeter

Find my current magical offerings at The Enchanted Academy


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Questions? Need help? Have I forgotten something? Want an online version of one of these workshops? Fancy inviting us to put this workshop on in your home town? Comment below or email Halo!

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