Elemental Magic: 10 Week Online Course

Elemental Magic; At The crossroads of Here and Now (4)

Next cycle starts March 2021! Spaces are limited to keep the class size small, and are already filling up. Email me now at for details on how to grab your space.

More details on the Elemental Magic course can be found here.

Online Course: Folkloric Faery Magic – Open for Beta testing!

Folkloric Course Postcard

Limited spaces for beta testing – check out the details and do get in touch!

Previous Workshops have included: 

Workshop: Spirits of The Land, 30th April 2017, Carmarthen

Spirits Workshop Postcard Details

Click on the image above for more details!

Workshop: The Goddess as Faery Queen, 2nd September ’17, Goddess House, Glastonbury

Faery Queen Workshop Postcard Details

Click here for details of this special workshop!

Star Club: Cycle 1, 8 classes with Sefriel Salem, Bristol, 2019 – 2020

Day Workshop: Spirits of the Land, with Susan Moonroot, Summer 2016

Weekend Workshop: The Iron Pentacle, with Raven Edgewalker, Imbolc 2015

Workshop: Introduction to Faery Magic, Winter 2008, Lampeter

Workshop: Introduction to Divination, Winter 2007, Lampeter



Questions? Need help? Have I forgotten something? Want an online version of one of these workshops? Fancy inviting us to put this workshop on in your home town? Comment below or email Halo!

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