Workshops, Talks, & Rituals

Upcoming Workshops, Rituals, and Magical Events:

Weekly Livestreams in the Crimson Coven Collective – join us here.

My Patrons on Patreon get bonuses and previews, extra recordings of things and audio musings… but included in the Apprentice level (and above) are the Crimson Craft workshops (marked * below), and a code for 50% off the Crimson Craft retreats (marked ** below), to make studying with me more accessible!

Cream Flyer with text: Summer 2023 with Halo Quin 1. Your Body is a Temple. A Crimson Craft Workshop - online - 13th April 2. Beltane Ritual. A ritual at Star Club - Bristol - 22nd April 3. "Wild, Wise, or Wicked? Meeting Welsh divinities". A talk for Totnes Moot - online - 26th April 4. Beltane: Untame Your Heart with Blodeuwedd. A Crimson Craft Retreat - online - 30th April 5. Land, Sea, & Sky and Magic of the Bard. Workshops at Druid Camp - Pembrokeshire - 26-30th July 6. "Thereby Hangs a Tale" a Show at Willow Globe - Powys - 16th September 7. Land, Sea, & Sky and Tales After Dark. Workshop & storytelling at Wylde Spirit Camp - Stonehenge - 22-24th September 8. And weekly events in the Crimson Coven Collective!

Previous Workshops, Rituals, and Events can be found here! 


Questions? Need help? Have I forgotten something? Want an online version of one of these workshops? Fancy inviting us to put this workshop on in your home town? Comment below or email Halo!

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