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Folklore, Fairy tales, and Storytelling

Website: Sacred Texts
The website Sacred Texts has a huge amount of Fairy tales, myths, legends, and sacred texts, including English Fairy Tales, a whole selection of “Celtic” Fairy Tales, and Y Mabinogi

English Fairy tales. on Sacred Texts

Celtic Fairy tales on Sacred Texts.

Y Mabinogi on Sacred Texts.

The Grimm Fairy Tales
The Grimms’ Fairy Tales is a major classic collected in Germany by the two brothers, Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. While you can read them online, there is now a beautiful collection of them by a Grimm scholar who has translated them back as close to the original stories that the Grimms recorded as possible. After the brothers first published them they came under some pressure to edit them for the children of the time, so some of the rougher aspects got polished out of many of the tales. If you can, I recommend “The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm”, translated and edited by Jack Zipes.

Or, The Grimms’ tales on Sacred Texts

Local British Folk Tales
In Britain there are marvellous collections of folklore based in each county, published by The History Press, including, for example, “Ceredigion Folk Tales” by Peter Stevenson.
View the History Press catalogue here.

And Peter Stevenson’s website here.

Tim Sheppard
Tim Sheppard is a storyteller that keeps a collection of resources for storytellers, with a page of links to stories by there for you to explore, currently down for edits but do keep checking back

Society for Storytellers
A British storytelling society with an online journal:

SFS journal: Storylines.

Oral TraditionJournal
A long running journal with an academic background looking at all aspects of oral traditions around the world:

Chichester Centre for Folklore – Journal
The centre for studying folktales and fairytales in Sussex:

Faery Magic

Faery Magic by Halo Quin
Find some of my books and courses on faery magic here…

Book: Your Faery Magic

Book: All That Glitters

Course: Folkloric Faery Magic

RJ Stewart
His book, Living World of Faery, (Mercury Publishing, 1999), was hugely influential on my early practice. Combining various stands of folklore and ritual magic, this and the books that followed it are very much worth investigating.

RJ Stewart’s website

True Thomas
The Ballad of Thomas the Rhymer is from the Borders of Scotland and is known as one of the “Child Ballads” because it was collected by Francis James Child in the 1800s. You can read the Child Ballads here:

Faery Oracle, Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth, Book/cards (Atria Books, 2001) – not strictly traditional, but drawing inspiration from folkloric sources and from interactions with the wild faery magic.

Books and Resources for Crimson Craft

“Magic of the Iron pentacle” by Jane Meredith and Gede Parma –
“Circling the Star” by Anthony Rella –
“Spiral Dance” by Starhawk –
“Evolutionary Witchcraft” by T. Thorn Coyle –
“Ecstasy is Necessary” by Barbara Carrellas –
“Crimson Craft” by Halo Quin 😉 –

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