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Re-enchanting the world, one story, one song, one spell, at a time.

Meet Halo. Author, storyteller, witch.

Halo Quin is a Dr of philosophy, an enchantress, and a bard – a changeling bard, to be precise – and author of books including “Gods and Goddesses of Wales”, “Folktales, Faeries, & Spirits”, “Crimson Craft – sexual magic for the solo witch”.

Through performance, books, art, and teaching, Halo draws on 25+ years of magical experience to encourage self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-healing, and self-enchantment for the wonderful, magical, wyrd folk of this realm. (That includes you.)

In this way, together, we re-enchant the world. If you’ve felt that kiss of magic and long for more… you’re in the right place.

Halo’s work is rooted in embodiment and love, guided by the gods, the spirits, and the divinely erotic power of Life.

Choose your Wyrd & Wonderful Path to Your Enchanted Life

Explore the Library

Halo in red coat and snowy landscape, writing in a leatherbound journal, grinning at the camera

Books filled with magic words and healing prayers. Pages dripping with inky spells that you can pick up and re-member at any time. Writing is a way to share knowledge, yes, but also to guide each other across the wild landscape. Maps to healing, connection, and magic made of words.

Whether your follow the fae, or the wild magic of your own heart, or seek healing, or to dive deeper into the myths of the land… A library is a wonderful place to find a guidebook.

Find Halo’s books, and online bookstore here.

Learn Magic

Sometimes it isn’t enough to know that there is magic in the world. For some of us we want to weave that magic ourselves. If that’s you, then welcome.

As a witch I have been pixie-led for quarter of a century or more, studying and training in several traditions including OBOD, Reclaiming, and Feri, as well as ceremonial magic and traditional witchcraft.

I share those skills, of real magic and self-healing, through The Enchanted Academy (T.E.A.) with you. Pour yourself a cuppa and dive on in.

You can sign up for courses and inspiration via Patreon here.

Enjoy the Show

Stories hold the keys to magic, the clues to our healing journeys, and signposts through the challenges of life. When we share stories and song, breathing life into them together as performers and audience, we root enchantment in our hearts, to carry with us wherever we are, along with the secrets in the stories themselves.

And playful walkabout brings laughter and delight. What could be more magical than that?

Listen, share, be enchanted.

Find more about Halo’s storytelling here.

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A true story…

Blue Birds

Once upon a time a lonely child escaped from the taunts of the other children that always echoed in her ears, and found herself in a field of flowers where they would not follow, her tears watering the soil. She watched them fall, glinting in the sunlight. Sparkling in the flowers. She looked closer. That was not just teardrops sparkling… that was a silver ring full of stars.

She looked and looked for its owner, asked and asked for where it belonged, but no-one claimed it.

And then, as she wondered what to do with it, a tall, kindly gentleman with curly red hair and a voice that rumbled like thunder appeared. He told her that it was a gift for her from the Fair Folk, before loping away… and so the starlit circle found it’s home on her finger, and their magic found a home in her heart.

From that day on she knew that she could always find sanctuary in the magic that wove between the realms, and she found company with the strange hidden folk of the land.

But the years went by and sometimes, for a time, the song of the stars fell silent, the woodland sprites would hide their faces, and the world seemed hard and cold. So she decided to learn how to keep the enchantment returning… she chose a life of magic, beauty, and delight.

Such a precious gift cannot be kept hidden away, and she knew that others felt it too, so often just beyond reach. That her people were out there, longing to live an enchanted life and just not knowing quite how…

And so the lonely child, heart full of magic, grew up into an Enchantress.

An Enchantress who casts many spells.

An Enchantress named Halo.