Enchanting the world, one song at a time.

White rose from above.

Music is Magic

The whole of existence is vibration, sound, a song, and you are part of the melody that makes up humanity.

I craft enchantments, in song form, with industrial bone-deep beats & sensual vocals, to invite you back into the temple of your heart.

And I write acapella, folky songs with playful themes inspired by folktales, myth, and magic…

This year, I am offering my heart up to the world and, when they are ready, setting these enchantments free.

May this music bless your heart with the magic of life.

Blood and Roses

~ inspired by the mass of Babalon.

An album crafted in ritual, begun in the day and hour of Venus, in devotion to the Red Goddesses – the Divine Ladies of love and passion.

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My musical journey

I grew up surrounded by musical people, and singing made my heart happy, so I’ve been a secret singer-songwriter for most of my life.

From ritual chants to emotive pop songs, music has always felt like it casts a spell, lifting my spirits, offering catharsis, enticing me to dance… but I struggled with the skills to shape my own music into an offering which I felt happy with.

The gods provide opportunities in interesting ways.

In the spring of 2022 I landed in hospital and became almost housebound for the summer… so I took on the magic of the Hermit and dove inwards, into a program of healing, song-crafting, and music production with the magical Emma Back of “She Sings Out Loud”.

Forced to be still and face my fears and desires, finally, I found my muse.

Each song is begun in ritual, flowing from the soul, tended to, and joyfully shaped. From the dark beauty of the soil and starry sky, into the light of the sun and the spotlight, these songs are held in my storyteller’s heart and offered up to yours with love.