BOOK: Folktales, Faeries, and Spirits

Book cover of Folktales Faeries and Spirits, by Halo Quin

Folktales, Faeries, and Spirits by Halo Quin

Out in all the places from August 2022!

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A practical exploration of faery and spirit led magic through folktales and stories of Britain and Western Europe for pagans who wish to work with the spirits of these traditions, and to find their own local lore and direct relationships therein.

If you are ready to meet the spirits of faery lore and build your own personal, living practice of witchcraft, spirit-led and rooted in the magic of the land, this is for you.

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‘Practical, hands on and wonderfully magical, this inclusive and accessible guide to navigating the faery realm is creative, original and utterly delightful.’

– Anna McKerrow, author of The Bird Atlas, The Book of Babalon and the Greenworld Trilogy