BOOK: Your Faery Magic

It’s official! Your Faery Magic is HERE!!!

This is a book for beginners on the Faery path, it is for those of us who loved the tales of flower fairies but felt more at home with the goblins and dryads, carving our own wands and brewing up our own potions. This is a book for finding your way towards a faery path of your very own. It is the book I wish I had found when I began in paganism, and I hope it will help guide many feet towards uncovering their own relationship to the spirits of nature.

This is the official blurb:

“Have you ever felt that you were ‘different’? That the Otherworld was closer for you than it is for other folk? Have you ever wondered how you can tap into the wild, untamed magic of your own faery heart? Then this book is for you. Once upon a time ‘Fey’ meant both the spirits of the natural world and the nature of those humans that were in touch with that magic in themselves; the seers, the spirit workers, the ones who walked between. This is your guide to finding that Fey magic which sings in your heart. Through this book you will meet your guide, visit faeryland, learn about the beings of the faery worlds and develop your own faery craft to work in harmony with the power and cycles of the earth by unlocking the nature of your Fey spirit. Time for you to become the Fey you truly are.”

Thank you Moon Books for helping me to share the Feyhearted Path with the world!


There are some who say that the realms of Faery lie just beneath our own; they are the realms of ever-becoming, as the forces of nature that govern the green and growing world. “Your Faery Magic” invites you to open to the deep soul of nature with a delightful collection of imaginative and playful rituals. Open your Faery heart and rekindle a sense of enchantment in your life! ~ Sharon Knight – neopagan musician and frontperson of Pandemonaeon

If you have felt the calling of your true spirit, the call of nature, the call of your heart to connect more deeply with the magic of Life then this is a perfect book for you πŸ™‚ For me this book is simplicity with depth., it feeds the Intuitive and the rational mind, and is both “spiritual” and “practical.” I LOVE this book! I have always been curious about the Fae and wanted to understand better. This book came along at the perfect time for me! In a unique way of storytelling blended with science, examples from her life, myth, and characters in books, the author provides “theory” and then gives simple exercises to engage with. This book covers so much in a simple yet thorough way. It is almost like multiple books in one yet flows seamlessly together in a magical and enjoyable way. When I would read a section and my mind would jump in with “But how do I do that?” or “Why would I do that?” the answer would be answered in the next paragraph. Not only did I enjoy reading this book, I also enjoyed the exercises…and in all honesty I will often skip the exercises in many of the books I read. But I enjoyed and got value from the ones in this book. This is a VERY well written book in general and since it happens to be a topic I wanted to learn more about, I loved it and I can highly recommend it. ~ Jill Chesrow

Your Faerie Magic has opened my heart, my mind and my soul to more than I thought possible. From the minute I started reading it, I could not stop smiling, and could feel the lines between this world and theirs slowly starting to come together for me. I had one of my best readings with the heart spread, and can’t wait to continue working through all the exercises, to bring me closer to faerie world. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to find their faerie hearts, I am confident I can find mine in all the exercises in Your Faerie Magic, and I look forward to the journey! ~ Tamara Brouwer

This is a warm and innovative book, ideal for someone experiencing the first inklings of a need for re-enchantment. Gentle souls seeking inspiration may find this is a good path to explore ~ Nimue Brown, author of Druidry and the Ancestors

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This charming little book works on three levels. First as an introduction to Faery Magic, secondly as an overview of the author’s personal spiritual path. Finally, it’s a workbook and ideal for anyone interested in exploring the Faery Path. It will be of particular interest to anyone starting their journey. It’s filled with information, practical and spiritual advice, and simple exercises. It’s also easy to read an unlike a great many ‘how to’ books is unembellished with unnecessary whistles and bells. It does have light and heart, and just about the right amount of faery dust. ‘Your Faery Magic’ is a short book which this reader finished in a single sitting. If possible, I recommend this method – it takes you on a journey and it would be a shame to stop off anywhere en route! – On

So grateful to my lovely readers in the UK…

Lovely and very informative book. With the authors personal journey as a companion it is a beautiful introduction into the world of faery magic. Looking forward to more from Halo Quin. – On

And in America!!!

I found this book to be exactly what I was hoping for. I have been exposed to a variety of spiritual beliefs and practices throughout my life and am able to view them all with an open mind. But none of them have ever felt right for me. I have felt the presence of something beyond the mundane but most definitely not within the confines of organized religion.

For several years I have been aware that spirituality has been a very neglected part of my life and I have been putting more thought into how to improve that. This book did a great job of helping me to solidify half-formed thoughts into instinctive, heart-felt beliefs.

I appreciated the acknowledgement of the difficulty of accepting the presence of magick in our modern culture where we are overly grounded with science, technology and information. For me, this book did a fantastic job of guiding me to embrace the magick around us in a way that is congruent with my knowledge and my ethics. – On

If you’ve read the book and liked it please do leave a review, it really helps, even if you just put a sentence or two down. (Unless you’re not comfortable leaving reviews! I still love you for reading anyway!)

Thank you beautiful readers, may you walk this path in beauty and delight.

~Halo xx

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5 thoughts on “BOOK: Your Faery Magic”

  1. pythoblack said:

    Ha ha, I fear I would be your magic nemesis, but it’s all good. Science and math and technology are just as valid reality as imagined fairy realms. Have you read Ursula K. LeGuinn’s “The Word for World is Forest?” The villain isn’t science and technology, it’s people without holistic perspectives. Tree spirits and river naiads have existence in the atoms and subatoms of the materials they inhabit, their imagined appearances are psychological manifestations which only people who wish to see can observe. There is much more to nature than what the naturalists pretend to know.

  2. *laughs* Oh I’m very far from anti-technology. I love science, so much to explore and learn about the world through it!!! I’m against materialist reductionism, where everything is REDUCED to the material, but I’m certainly not against technology in general πŸ˜‰ As you say, the biggest problem is a lack of holistic perspective. Sadly we tend towards a binary language, so speaking about being pro-spiritual perspectives makes people think you’re anti-science… Just as being pro-science often gets confused with being anti-spirit… I don’t see why they can’t work together, in fact one of my core principles is that we humans are PART of nature, so the things we do are part of that process… They may not always be healthy (especially when taken to extremes) but they’re part of it. So… I suspect we’d find ourselves agreeing on a fair bit…

    And no, I haven’t read it but it sounds like exactly my cup of tea! Thank you for the recommendation!

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