The Crimson Coven

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Words: Crimson Coven, arching over half a red rose blossom

The Crimson Coven Collective is for magical, creative, and ritual exploration of embodied, sensual magic.

We are…

~ Creatives conjuring beauty and desire.

~ Divine beings embodying sensual spirit.

~ Witches and practitioners delving into the darkness and light of magic.

~ Open hearted explorers of wyrd, enchanted, possibilities… Exploring what it means to be devotees of Pleasure, Passion, and Play.

We honour the archetypes and beings of the Red Goddess, the Horned God, and the Divine Androgyne in their many guises in our Temple and invoke their blessings into the world…

Do you long for your life to be magical, filled with playful, pleasurable, practice?

Do you choose to be curious, to get creative with your magic, to explore what feels good and learn how to feel what’s right for you?

Are you coming with an open heart and a desire for deep connection to the magic of your self?

Get the Book! Crimson Craft – out January 2023!

Cover of book, "Crimson Craft - Sexual Magic for the solo witch" by Halo Quin. Dark cover with a femme figure, shoulders up, holding a red rose with red lipstick highlighting a subtle smile, eyes hidden under a wide-brimmed black hat.

Find Crimson Craft here!