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Pearl - Law
Balance and Flow
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.
~ Reinhold Niebuhr*


The law of the land, natural law, rhythms, cause and effect.

When you know your place, your role in the world, you know your place in the flow of things…

All things pass.

All things come to be.

One thing leads to another to another to another.

All things have their place in the world, and all things are connected, life flows and interacts, beings affect each other and set things into motion, and are set into motion.

The threads are spun and woven and we are carried, floating or kicking, down the current that will not stop.


We choose how we swim, we choose to fight and drown or trust and flow.

We choose where we look, where we come to rest on the shore when the opportunities arise, who we swim closest to.

We choose, from the tools we carry, which ones we will use to direct our journey, however little or great an effect our efforts afford us… we choose to try or to give over our power.

And there is a time for both fighting and surrender.

A time for trying and for trusting.

A time for joy and for sadness.

There are times when the natural laws sweep us away, literally and figuratively, and times when they support us in our choices.

We each have a place in the world, the world which has its laws and patterns which we are subject to.

We each have a part to play in those laws.

Where will you flow?

Where will you choose to direct yourself?

Where will you choose to trust?

Every day we touch and are touched by the world we are a part of.

Every day the natural laws direct our lives, can we learn to work within them and with them, learning where they give and where they will not bend?

Can we be grateful for what we have, for the gifts we’ve received?

Can we learn to see how we contribute to the ever unfolding pattern of the cosmos, while being the tiniest part of the whole?



*Its interested to note that, according to Wikipedia, Niebur wrote about how the ‘sin of pride’ created evil in the world. In the Iron and Pearl Pentacles, Law grows out of Pride. True Pride is not arrogance which comes from placing oneself over another, but is rather a state of knowing your own worth, and thus the worth of others. In this way we come to understand our place in the world, and how the world has its own laws of which we are a part.

This is the third post of seven on the Pearl Pentacle, part of my Pentacles series, which started with the Iron Pentacle. I’ll be posting on the points of the Pearl Pentacle for the next few Magical Mondays.