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I’ve often tried to map out my family tree, but with divorces and remarriages it tends to scrawl over the edge of the page into a tangle. Perhaps I’ve more of a family vine than a family tree?

I’ve some information on one of the branches of the American part of my vine, but very little on the British parts…and I’ve well loved family who have been disconnected through divorce.

I return periodically to trying to develop a magical practice to honour my ancestors, connect with my roots… but it tends to wash away on unstable foundations… so how can I reconcile these things? How can I find a practice that I connect with, so I can feel what I’m doing when I work with them?

And do I need to? It feels like the right thing to do, so I guess so…

Its come to mind again, I guess its time to revisit what I used to do and see what I can do now. A box altar worked well last time, where I had to interact with the objects, and then time spent talking and listening to them. Pretty much how most of my spirit based work happens – tricky when ‘hearing’ is so damn hard for me! Make of that what you will…

Suggestions welcome!