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This is the fifteenth post in a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.

Faeries, enchanters, magicians, witches… all known to be carriers of the elusive magic wand. Evidently this is an important tool for all those who would choose to spread enchantment in their lives, and the lives of others. In this case, perhaps we should make one ourselves!

Invite your guide to walk with you, and wear your key.

First, find a newly fallen branch.

It must be fresh, and it must be happy to come with you… if you find it hard to tell, ask your guide and see what response you get. (Literally; ask out loud and see what feeling you get in response).

You can take as long as you like over this, and perhaps, in your wanderings, you’ll find branches that have been pruned which are suitable.

Try and identify which tree the branch came from and thank it and the spirits of the place, offerings are always welcome!

Take the branch home and spend some time with it in the Faery Circle described in Pixie Kiss #13.

Would it be happier with or without the bark? With carvings showing the pale wood beneath the bark in patterns, or half and half? Does it want to be painted bright colours, draped in ribbon and decorated with crystals? Or would it prefer fur and feathers? Copper wire in spirals? Silver wire in bands? Pyrography? Bells?

There is no rush. Take your time musing on what says enchantment to you, and what feels like it would suit the branch you’ve brought home with you.

Then, when you have a good sense of where to start, begin.

Allow the mists to soak into it while you work, allow yourself space to play with materials and patterns. Imagine you are a being of magic, crafting a tool and a companion in the shape of a wand who will walk with you on this path, spreading wonder and enchantment throughout the world!

Take as much time as you need and, when it is finished, sit in the circle with it and listen for its name…

This is the enchanter’s main tool, an extension of their Will. Play with your wand often, drawing patterns in the world around you and allowing a sense of wonder and enchantment to flow out into the world like light.

Play with casting the circle of blessing using the wand instead of your hand to direct the flow, or to draw doors in the world which you unlock with your key!

Bless the world with wonder.

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