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Pearl Pentacle 1 - Love


“For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union. This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all.”

~ The Book of The Law



When lifeforce flows through you and you open to connection, Love is.

When you are whole in yourself, the energy of being alive opens, connects, flows.

All is alive. All is connected.

All things, eventually, return to the wholeness that they came from… we came from the zero, we return to the zero.

The 0 of all.

0 divides, becomes 1 and 2 and 3…

And all eventually will follow the law of entropy and become 0 again.

Everything is connected, everything is one whole.


We are individuals in community.

We have evolved to work and live and play together. Interaction is important, but connection is even more so.

Love, connection, community.

Building networks which hold us, building connections which sustain us, loving each other for who we are, simply because we are.

Everyone and everything that exists is worthy of Love.

Everyone and everything that exists is Loved.

We are all a part of the universe, we are all connected, we are all loved.

You are loved. I am loved.

And we are worthy of love.

Moving from the Iron Pentacle, and the foundation of Sex – fully opening to life – to the Pearl Pentacle, we find the energy resonates up into community, into connection, into Love.

When survival is taken care of, and life is overflowing, we have life to share in the form of love, we can give love unconditionally because it will not deprive us of lifeforce. In love, life flows out and back round and through and in, it connects and feeds and grows. Love is life moving, love is life lived in connection and joy.

Can we offer ourselves love?

Can we offer love to the world, unconditionally?

It can be hard to give love and harder still to receive it, in a world where we think in terms of finitude and lack. Love is not finite, love grows in the flow of life. When we connect and share, love grows in us and in the other and, therefore, in the world.

Like lifeforce, love is healthiest when it flows. When either stop, they cease to be. Life flows through us, love flows from and to us.

Open your heart, relax, feel your connection to the world.

Breathe through your heart.

Breathe life up from the earth and down from the sky, and breathe love out and in through your heart.

Life cycles up and down.

Love cycles out and round and in.

Open, breathe, connect.

When things are hard, love is still there.

If you reach for love it slips away because you are tense, and that can close you to its flow.

If you open to love, and allow it to flow, your hearts will fill will love, peaceful connection.

From this point, from a place of love, compassion wells up.

In compassion and connection we see the hurt in the world, and are moved to act.

Acting from love, opening to love, brings more love into the world.

Connect with others and act together, from a place of love. You are not alone, whatever you choose there are others out there who are also working to help, even if you can’t see them.

Hope opens the heart, trust opens the heart, love opens the heart.

When the world gets tough, breathe and open to love, and act from there.



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This is the second post of seven on the Pearl Pentacle, part of my Pentacles series, which started with the Iron Pentacle. I’ll be posting on the points of the Pearl Pentacle for the next few Magical Mondays.