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Pearl - Liberty Painting

Choose your limits

Everything that you do requires power. Power is the ability to make things happen.~ Hiro Boga

And when you claim your power to make things happen, you gain liberty…

Standing strong in yourself, with power in your heart, you see the way open before your eyes.

You know you are capable of choice, of action, and your ability to choose your path means you are free, free to choose your own responsibilities, free to be yourself, free to choose when to say yes and when to say no.

When you claim your power for yourself, you are at liberty to decide to manifest your own destiny, or not.

When liberty rises, you choose.

And there are limitations, we are not infinite beings, we are embodied, we are finite, we are living with limitations and obligations…

But these do not change the fact that we are free to choose how we respond to them, how we live within them.

That the world is only so big does not mean we are not free, it only means that we have only a certain amount of land to walk upon… and we are free to choose whether we start walking, or whether we stay put.

You have the power to choose your own path, you are free to walk the way you choose.

The path may only be two feet wide, but you choose to look up as you walk, or down at your feet, or to sit by the side and refuse to move at all.

Claim your power, your ability to act and choose within whatever limits may exist, and feel the freedom that rises within.

As Epictetus, a Greek Philosopher and slave, insisted, there are certain things we do not have control over, but in those areas where we do, we are free. As such, even he, a slave, felt himself to be free.

Liberty is possible when we accept our own power, and where we are powerless, and we then begin to choose.


What do you choose?


This is the fifth post of seven on the Pearl Pentacle, part of my Pentacles series, which started with the Iron Pentacle. I’ll be posting on the points of the Pearl Pentacle for the next few Magical Mondays.