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Being pagan and loving the earth, its worth making sure you’re connected to it before any kind of magical act… as embodied beings we are made of earth, we walk upon her, we eat what grows on her, and we will one day be buried in her.

Being human, its worth making sure you’re connected to the earth!

Before any magical act, including daily life, take a moment to be grateful for the earth below your feet, for the support and nourishment that comes from the ground, she could shrug us off any moment, be grateful she hasn’t today.

During magical workings, rituals, spells, devotionals, anything raising consciousness and connecting with the divine within or without, we can use a lot of energy. Our bodies need energy to keep healthy, to keep going, to stay alive. Our spirits need energy to stay whole and shine brightly. We need a certain amount of energy just to live, and more when we’re reaching out beyond our normal awareness. And we need to keep in touch with what we are, embodied, alive, made of the earth.

Thats where grounding comes in.

First we’re grateful to be alive.

We bring our attention in to our centre.

And then, we connect to the earth, to the boundless power within our Mother’s heart.

And then… we reach up and open to that which is beyond our mortal senses, after we’ve reminded ourselves of our earthliness, after we’ve tapped into the power that is available to all of us, at any moment.

Connect to life, connect to the earth, connect to self… then reach up and open.

A guided grounding meditation, click to listen:
World Tree Grounding by Haloquin