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Pearl Pentacle - Wisdom


When we are free, what will we do?

When we stand in our passion, what will we choose?

With all the choices of the world before us, to what do we say yes, and no?



A deep understanding of the flow of our feelings, our passions, our emotions and our loves, leads us to something precious… Wisdom.


There is a time for yes, and a time for no.

A time to dance, and a time to sleep.

A time to reach out, and a time to curl up small.


These moments, these choices, are not dictated by the outside world or by our intellect; they are the choices of our hearts.


Are you living the life that feels right to you?

Are you making the choices that are true to your heart as well as your thoughts and words?

Are you saying yes when you choose to, and no when you need to?

What would life look like if the answer to these questions was ‘Yes!’?


I am passionate about many things, things that feed my heart and soul, things that flash a grin upon my face and draw me out to dance in the sunshine with joy. And sometimes I say no to them, through fear, or the life I’ve crafted which isn’t quite right, or some other choice I make that isn’t in tune with my heart but makes sense elsewise… but when I say yes, my world is set alight, my heart blazes and I fly.


What makes you fly?

What do you need to do to craft your life into something that allows you the space you need to light up your world?

When do you need to say yes, and when, no?


This is the sixth post of seven on the Pearl Pentacle, part of my Pentacles series, which started with the Iron Pentacle. I’ll be posting on the points of the Pearl Pentacle for the next few Magical Mondays.