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Wealth Faery Painting

Wealth Faery

Bottom line; I’m skint.

And I believe in magic.

So I’ve created a spell… in a piece of art.

In creating this artwork I mused on the nature of wealth, and She showed me the simple truth that clinging too tight does not allow money to flow. Money is like water, it flows in and out, there are times of drought and times of flood and times when it all balances… but it can’t be held too tightly.

This picture needs to flow.

Each home it stops in it will bless with wealth, with money.

And when the need arises for a little rain, it can pass on.

My solution to a lack of money and a need for flow?

I’m presenting Her here for sale by auction.

I’m facing my uncomfortableness with many things – probably being seen as weird, asking for money, letting go of my art, valuing my creations – and I’m asking for you to look to yourself.

If you feel you need a little wealth in your life, and can spare some for someone who is beginning to panic, or you know the perfect home for this painting made with love and magic and blessed by the Fae and would like to make them a gift, then I ask you to place a bid in the comments below.

The highest bidder will get a one of a kind, completely original painted-wealth-spell posted to them.

Or, if you’d prefer, visit Etsy and acquire one of my beauties from there, or try Lulu for a copy of one of my books.

And, to keep the money flowing where its needed, 10% of the money I make on all sales, including that of this painting, will go to Doctors Without Borders to help with the work they’re doing in Japan and across the world.

Bidding ends on Friday 15th, I’ll be in touch with the winner over the weekend, and the painting will be posted out on Monday 18th.

Please signalboost as well, all help is very much appreciated!

Thank you all!

EDITED TO ADD:It appears that the Painted-spell is staying here, to bless this place with wealth, and has already started to work her magic! If you’d like to commission a painted spell from me for wealth, health, love or anything else you can think of, get in touch at:


Comments on the auction idea itself also welcome, how could I have done this better? What could I try next in order to let money flow into my life?

Thanks for looking 🙂