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Iron and Pearl together...

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing”

~ The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

Life: A balance of self in community.

Iron: The foundation of living.

Pearl: The levels of connection.

Working with these energies can uncover blocks within yourself, polish smooth the rough edges and bring some more rust to the surface to be cleaned away. If we work to heal ourselves, we are working to heal a part of the world. In healing ourselves we heal our community, our relationships, our lives, the world.

When we are clear on who we are and what we choose, we can act in ways congruent with our values, avoiding hypocrisy which damages us and those around us.

At any point in our lives we can only do our best, at that moment, to be who we are and to do what we believe is right. And at every point we can choose to become more ourselves, and to act more in alignment with who we are by uncovering and dissolving blocks, fears, complexes.

Iron makes us stronger, Pearl opens us to connection.

If we can balance a strong core with an open heart we can rock the world!

The philosopher Martin Heidegger spoke of the inauthenticity of communal living. As beings who are always ‘with-others’, responding, connecting, living in-relation-to other people and the ideas of society, we cannot, he thought, live in a way that is congruent with our internal mode of being. What if, and this is only the beginning of a thought, we can both live in community, with, and in relation to, others and the ideas of society, while still maintaining a connection with who we are, as embodied, (as thrown into the world, Heidegger would say) as mortal? What if we could live with others and be true to ourselves?

The Iron and Pearl Pentacles, taken together, are tools that allow us to do just that.

We come to know ourselves and how we are in the world. We develop healthy relationships with the world and our community which allow us to Be ourselves, to be aware of our limitations and our strengths, to be in the world and authentically what we are.

Over the years of working with these pentacles I’ve felt the strength that Iron imparts… and where Pearl opens me. At points I’ll work more with one, and then flow into the other, spiraling through levels of understanding, developing myself a little more each time. I’d recommend them as tools for self-transformation, and, as such, as ways of helping yourself recognise healthy communities. The Pearl shows you what is right, the Iron gives you the integrity to walk away when it is wrong, and the courage to start from scratch.

Currently I’ve been reforging myself, now I turn, again, to Pearl and begin to build relationship and community in my life once more. This feels harder than the work on Iron, partly since its possible to hide from yourself(!) but its obvious when a community is falling apart or refusing to come together, and partly because a healthy community needs all its members to be doing the work on themselves, to be willing to be whole and true beings. The risk of arrogance when you’ve done some work is always present, and so the need to return to Love is always there. Simply because I’ve done some work doesn’t mean I’m finished… I’m never finished! 🙂

How about you all? Have you worked with these tools before? How does your experience compare to my musings? And if you haven’t worked with them, do you think you might look them up now?