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In this series of posts on the Iron Pentacle I have written about Sex, Pride and Self, and now we cross from Self into the point of Power, the right hand point. When laid on the body the path from Self to Power flows through our heart… which tells you something interesting about Power, does it not?

How often have you felt powerless?

How often have you felt that you are at the mercy of life?

Its true that the world is beyond our control, that others act in ways we do not like and cannot defend against, and we simply cannot do all that we would choose to.We are not omnipotent beings.

And how often have you had someone hold their position of power over you? A boss, a parent, a teacher, an acquaintance? Someone who has deliberately denied you the option to act, who has blocked your path simply because they can?

Power is tricky… since we all have the potential to be Powerful people. Not holding power over others, not using force against the world, but having the internal strength to make choices at each turn in lifes path according to our own Will. Willpower.

How often have you chosen to stand up for yourself? To make your own choices? To act, in whatever way is open to you at that moment, to follow your heart’s desire?

How often have you felt: ‘I can do this!’ ?

Power-from-within is something we can hold or give away. It is not something we take from others, not an imposition of our will by force or manipulation. Power comes from that state of being centered in oneself, while knowing oneself, understanding your place in the world and your own value, and knowing what you need. Power is the ability to say yes and no when it is needful for you, not because you feel you should say one or the other.

And Power is also the ability to say yes, or no, when you know you should, because you choose to at that moment.

You can choose to do what you ‘should’, or choose to do what you ‘shouldn’t’, either way Power comes in when it is a choice.

And Power, which comes from the ability to choose how you are going to react to a certain situation, grows when shared with other people.

When you allow and enable others to also choose in alignment with who they are when they are at their most healthy, even when their choices may conflict with yours, and you hold the ability to do so yourself, then power grows. This is shared Power, working together in relationship.

Sometimes, however, this does involve stepping up and acting to change the rules, working to stop actions you disagree with, defending friends and family. You can stand in your own Power and choose to act against others. This is different to holding youself as powerful and them as powerless, which is what happens in cases of ‘power-over’.

Today, right now, take a lesson from a lioness and feel powerful. Imagine it if needs be; feel the power to know and choose your own destiny, whatever the odds. Feel that power in your bones, that power that comes from the heart, that is connected and therefore acts from a place of compassion. If you understand your own value and the value of others you can be both powerful and compassionate. And I’ve seen this reflected in people throughout my life, the most powerful people I know are both effective in their life and extremely compassionate, which means they support others coming into their own power, rather than encouraging them to wallow in any messes they may have in their life.

Today, feel what it would be like to be able to stand in your own power, to make your own choices because you choose them, and to act from a place where other powerful people support you, and you support them.

This state of power, which comes from within, which works with others, is the strongest kind of power there is.


Center yourself.

Feel the earth beneath you, and the sky above.

Choose to be powerful, to live your life like a lioness who is whole within herself and works with others who are also powerful.