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Courtesy of Mary-Ann Devine, the Secret Play Date runs every Tuesday.

Faced with this I remember my thoughts on Retreats, and Havi’s posts on Metaphor Mouse, and how I really enjoy pretty thigns and playing and making space for something different and…

And I remember how I’ve been thinking about how to frame what I’m doing in a way that makes it real and solid and sensical… so I decided to join in the secret play-date and play about that today!

What I’m working on:

My Vision/livelihood/business concept

How I worked on it today:

I built a den!

How it went:

First I started organising the corner I’ve designated as a place for art, study, writing and whatever other creative or magical pursuits I get up to… I’ve not managed to start using this corner yet since my desk and magic chair are *still* at my Mother’s house, so I’ve been working at the dining room table. Some sections of the cupboards are vaguely organised though, so its not completely shambolic!

In the process of organising I found my one set of ritual robes and decided that an enchanter’s corner deserves to be magically delineated… so I donned my pruple robes, lit some old incense (the smell of which transported me right back to the first few years of my magical path) and happily continued.

Comfort, luxury, beauty and organisation were my aims, so I dragged my sheepskin rug and a pillow in and ordered my space. Performing the same action (organising and unpacking) as a deliberately magical act is a marvellous thing, play makes everything more enchanting.

Next in my play-date was using the den-space: I indulged in some brainstorming over what phrase I’d prefer to use instead of ‘fledgling business’ and am hovering around, perhaps, ‘my craft’, which gives me space to hone it before I try and make it a livelihood!

Finally I played with my oil pastels, making swirls, feeling glowy.

I’ve been thinking about enchantment a lot, as my Pixie Kiss posts show, and performing everyday acts with magical intention is a good way to increase the enchantment in your life. I wonder what else I could be wearing robes and burning incense for? Maybe I could try setting up ornate, obvious magical space before I start writing each day and see how that affects things…

Its fun to set aside time to do something a bit different and, while organising a space isn’t quite the same as building a den, looking at it as though it were lead to a different experience and I reckon I’ll be looking on that corner more longingly now!