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Finally, on the Iron Pentacle, we come to the point of Passion…

What has happened to our world that means expressing how you feel is seen as weak?

What has happened to our world that means we settle for years of a life we are less than passionate about?

What has happened to our world that means we hide our passions from others and ourselves?

Passion is simultaneously seen as good and evil, due to its perceived chaotic nature. Crimes of passion are thought to happen when someone’s passion is out of control. Passions are thought to drive us, to ride us, to wear us out and make life unpredictable… it is safer to be boring and in control than to take a risk and follow our heart.

Passion, like each of the other points, includes more than one perspective. The point of Passion includes our passions / emotions, and what we are passionate about. Drive and direction.

Our emotions guide us through life, disclosing how we feel about choices, about situations, about people, and helping us to know what choices would feed us, which would drain us, and which we can let go of. Knowing how you really feel about any part of life allows you to make an informed choice based on how it will affect you and your happiness, as well as what you know and can rationalise about the situation.

Your feelings, those passions that live deep within your self, reflect who you are. Owning them as part of yourself, accepting them and expressing them in healthy ways makes it possible for you to be yourself with all parts of yourself on board. Denying what you feel, or constantly burying those emotions leaves you conflicted and acting in contradiction to what makes you happy, without knowing why.

And your passions, your emotions, show you what you are passionate about. Those things you would choose to do if there were no barriers, or that you long for, that inspire you and make you happy.

If you know, accept and express your emotions in healthy ways then you can follow your emotions to find that which feeds you, that which you are passionate about! Following your passion and acting on your passions lifts your mood, gives you strength and makes the world a better place. As you follow your heart you find the world shifting to make space for more of what feeds you, as you act on your passions you become more passionate!

We have a finite amount of time on this planet, in this life, doesn’t it make more sense to risk being happy than die only knowing tedium? Not to mention the health risks associated with bottling up emotion until it explodes or eats us from the inside!

What are you passionate about? What activity makes you smile all the way through from bones to sky? What do you do that you finish feeling happier than when you began?

Listen to your emotions, what are they telling you?

What is your Passion? What makes your heart sing?

Can you make some time for that this week, can you give yourself this as a gift? This thing that truly makes you feel good, that feeds and strengthens you, that you love?

Can you make time to be positively passionate today?