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This past week I’ve been writing posts on the points of the Iron Pentacle

I have spoken of Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion in relation to this tool of self-transformation, within the context of the Reclaiming Tradition which has a strong focus on community. Each point connects to all the others, flowing into each other, feeding each other, strengthening each other. Each must be seen in relation to the others as nothing in this world is in isolation.

The 5 points can be meditated and mused on individually and in connection. How does my passion feed my lifeforce? How does my sense of who I am affect how I can act in the world? How does my ability to make choices feed into my ability to act on my passion in a healthy way, and to allow the world to feed me in return with joy?

The Iron pentacle can also be used as a diagnostic tool: throughout the day notice how you are at that moment; are you feeling good in yourself, or worthless, or puffed up with unwarrented self-importance? Are you feeling arrogant or powerless, or do you feel centered and powerful? Are you allowing lifeforce to flow cleanly through you, or are you holding too tightly, or metaphorically bleeding out all over the floor? How do you feel in relation to each of these points? And are they balanced and connected? Does your sense of place in the world reflect how you feel about yourself inside? And so on…

Finally, you can stand or lie with arms and legs held in a star shape and feel the points of the pentacle at each point of the star of your body. Feel the energy of each point and of each connection in your body. There are trances which work with the energy of the earth running along the lines of the Pentacle which you can also use that are along these lines.

Best of luck, and remember, these are all areas which can hold a lot of issues, so be gentle with yourself and gentle on the others around you for a while. This is said to be the work of a lifetime, there is no rush.

In Strength and Compassion,

~Halo x