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This is the twelth post in a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.


To live an enchanted life, we must choose to be enchanted, and we can choose to be enchanted by the positive parts of life.

It is often suggested that a gratitude journal is a good thing to keep, and I agree. To remember the good things, to remember what we are grateful for every day, is to invite more of that into our lives. Holding an attitude of gratitude throughout the day not only lets the universe know that we love the good things it has gifted us with, it also encourages us to see the world in a softer light, with connection and compassion rather than defensiveness and aggression.

Sometimes it feels that we have nothing to be grateful for. At those moments, stopping, taking a breath and just being grateful for the air is enough to shift our relationship with the world at that moment. List those basic things you are grateful for, running water, family, health, people that support us through ill-health, the gift of beauty, the budding flowers, the sparkling snow. This shift of focus in times of struggle helps us to relate to the world in an enchanted way, a way which allows us to feel the wonder inherent in nature.

Choosing to start the day with this attitude sets you up for the day.

The same principle works with other attitudes. Wonder, for example. Choosing to notice the wonderful things in the world, or to approach the day with a sense of wondering, allows for a more playful, joyful, wondrous way of being.

As the day begins, set your intention. If you feel it is appropriate, you can ask the fae to bless your intention and support you in it.

As the day continues, recall this intention and try to hold the feeling you have chosen in your heart.

As the day winds down, muse on the parts of the day that reflect that feeling back to you.

Notice, as time goes by, how these positive feelings help you to react in a way more beneficial to yourself and to the others around you.

Some intentions and attitudes to inspire you to find your own:










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