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This is the thirteenth post in a series of suggestions for re-enchanting your life, one pixie kiss at a time. The introduction is here, and you can watch the path unfold here.

In many magical traditions, a circle is cast. Circles to protect, circles to contain, circles to focus, circles to mark out a space beyond the everyday world.

Here we will look at circles, not circles that divide us from the world, but circles of blessing and transformation.

Before you begin, leave an offering for the spirits of the place you are in, cookies, milk, chocolate, an apple, a song… leave a gift in honour of those beings that live here, asking if it is ok for you to play here, today.



Call to your faery guide, ask them to guide you and support you as you create a circle of blessing. Ask them to ward your space with you if you know how, or for you if you do not.

Imagine the mists that rise from the earth. The Faery mists, rising slowly.

Hear the music in your mind, and allow the sound of tiny bells to surround you.

Feel the sunlight, or moonlight, or starlight, on your skin, kissing the crown of your head.

Breathe in as the mists rise and allow the sunlight or moonlight or starlight to pour in through your crown. The light flows into your heart and out down around your arms, focussed by your hands.

Direct the light into the rising mists and spin slowly, one hand outstretched to let the light flow into a circle around you, the other held near your heart to remind you to let the energy flow with love.

As you turn and the light flows and the mist rises and the circle forms around you, hold in your heart a sense of love, gratitude, blessing.

Once the mists have risen to surround you, and you feel a circle of light and faery blessing around you, stop in the centre and ask your guide if they have any advice for you about this circle.

By its nature this circle will attract positive energies and beings, and the wards your guide sets will repel anything unwelcome.

Spend some time in the circle of blessing, allowing its magic to heal you, comfort you, support you.

When you are ready to leave, stand in the centre and begin to spin the other way, slowly unwinding the magic. The mists will sink into the earth carrying the light and love of the circle into the land in blessing.


Thank your guide and ask them to take the wards down if necessary.

Thank the spirits of the place you are in.

Hold the feeling of blessing in your heart and, if you feel like you have too much energy left over from the circle, allow it to overflow into the world, breathing it out in blessing and healing to go where it is needed most.

Then eat and ground and do something mundane!

This circle can be used for blessing a space, for healing, for protection, to denote a place for a magical working, or simply to invite the Fae into for dancing, though if you choose to dance with the Fae you might want to set yourself an alarm or other reminder to come back!



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