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Jumping to card 5 this week, I focussed on the moment when we become fascinated by our own potential, by the power we can harness, and begin to pay more attention to that rather than our connection with other beings. Of course, this power is represented by fire:

Card 5 – Fascination-Distraction

Questions that this brings to mind:

What are you concentrating on to the exclusion of all else?

What are you distracted by when you should eb focussed?

What are your personal strengths, and how can you develop these in rigth relationship to the world?

I’m really enjoying this process, the feeling of satisfaction which comes from seeing the steps come together, from actually following through with a long-term plan, and from being able to share with you all, is delightful! Thanks for sharing in my adventure!

This card is from a series of cards illustrating this story. Find the first 2 cards here, and the sketches here. The larger project of which this is a part is to be found at www.feyhearted.wordpress.com, and the post announcing this project is here. Thank you CollageDiva for getting me kick started!