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CollageDiva’s True North Arts has a new prompt… the Serendipity Compass!

And I’ve been playing along too…

I’m searching, searching, searching for which way to leap… The carnival of stars awaits…

But how to know which way to go?

I turn in, my heart opens like a rose…

I’m searching, longing, yearning for a garden of delights,

A life of love and beauty, and the tribe which fits just right.

I build with paper, card and glue, and choose pictures with care,

And open up my compass-rose, for the guidance which is there.

My rose-compass, it always points the way I wish to go,

And each picture will ask of me just what I need to know.

An artist whose beauty delights, its her work that I hold,

The inspiration of the gods is worth much more than gold!

My Compass!

I cose these pictures from calendars of paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet, and artist who I have long admired. Each one represents one of the 7 directions (North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within), a few realms which mean a lot to me (Animal kingdom, the Realm of the Ancestors, Faeryland and so on)Β  Earth Mother, Sky Father, and a few others. On the back I’ve written quotes or questions relating to the direction, realm or being, and whenever I feel the need for guidance I can open my compass and ask for directions. I chose not to mark directions on my compass, and to fix the arrow in place, because this way it always points in the direction which is right for me… wherever that might be!

The Realms…