Wow… life has been full!

In no particular order, I have done the following since I last posted:

Gotten a new job

Finished and then started a Faery Oracle Card (3.5 left to go…)

Taught at my first Witchcamp (Sunrise! Just soooo Good!)

Moved back to Mum’s for the summer

Managed not to save any extra money

Made tarot cards for swaps

Decided to take singing lesson (but not actually booked any yet)

Aquired an electric guitar destined for the skip

Watched my roses be infested with greenfly and almost die… but still hang on

Plotted HUGE ideas with my Mum

Painted 3 pictures of dragons

Knitted a hairband

Volunteered at a Museum

Begun research for MPhil Proposal

And some other things I can’t quite remember right now.

Its been a busy summer so far… and at some point I might actually post about some of these properly (like scanning my pics and cards and posting those, and writing a review of Camp). Summer ‘break’ is 2/3rds done, and I’m looking forward to its end, as this is the time, as a student, that I work the hardest. This, of course, assumes that I’ll get on the course I want to… otherwise I need a new plan quick!

So yeah… its been a while… and I’ve not been idle!

I’ve found it odd balancing working (almost) full-time with making space to play, and its renewed my desire to find some form of work that allows me to be creative as well as philosophical so that I can keep all my parts fed without being as tired as i end up over the summer. Plus, I’d like to not have to be running on someone else’s timetable (i.e. 9-5 or some other time-frame) but that might be something that has to wait for a while…

How’re you all? πŸ™‚