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True Thomas followed the Faery Queen into Faery, and he returned again.

He has some wisdom for us, I recount it here:

Before we begin, True Thomas asks for a promise of truth.

This path requires honesty.

Can You commit to being as honest with yourself as you are able?

If you cannot, or will not, then no matter what this path can show you, you will not see it.

Take hold of a mirror and open your Faery senses, your gift from the Faery Queen. Look into your eyes, breath deeply, and ask yourself if you are ready to be completely honest with yourself. If not, ask how honest you are able to be with yourself. And then make a promise, to yourself, witnessed by True Thomas and the Faery Queen, to be as honest with yourself as you are able on this path.

The Next Step: Preparing to Turn the Sight on OurSelves