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The Faery Queen gave us a gift, the gift of Faery Sight, and gifts are not made to sit on a shelf and gather dust. Gifts are given to be used.

But, we wonder, how are we to use this gift? We sit in our human world and puzzle over this beautiful, inhuman gift, sparkling in our Selves, and we begin to understand that it can show us both the Fey without, and the Fey within.


When I say Faery Sight or vision, really I’m talking about opened senses, whichever sense or senses that lit up in you. It may be sight, or it may be hearing or touch, or maybe it was a Sense, an ability to sense beyond the human world. Each person is unique and so we all open in different ways.

Learning how to open to Faery Vision has two key uses:

Opening us to the wild magic and beauty of the world, the realm of Faery.

And allowing us to truly see ourselves.

And I’ve been wondering, how can we turn our Faery senses on ourselves? How exactly do we use this gift to reveal our heart to us? Sensing the Fey without is one thing, quite a lot easier to describe, and which we will come to soon, very soon. But the Fey within? The easiest answer is that this takes meditation. Lots of it. You could just sit in meditation with your Faery senses opened in the way the Faery Queen showed you, and focus on yourself. This works.

But there are other ways, ways which are inspired by processes like Soulcollage™ and Soul Journaling and all the imaginative ways people have explored their many selves.

So, to begin, I’m going to ask you to dig out that book we mentioned earlier, a book which you can doodle, write, draw, paint, scribble and collage in. A Faery journal… make sure its not too precious if you have trouble worrying about making a mess of precious things, you want something that you can feel completely free to play with.

And then I’m going to suggest that you might perhaps like to consider what kind of size you would be happiest using as a deck of cards. I use the standard playing card size, 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, you might want something a bit bigger depending on your preferred method of play. I suggest cards because they are tactile, they feel good to hold, and they are portable. And, most importantly, they allow you to shuffle the things you record and lay them out to discover new connections between your discoveries.

Over the next little while, in between the trancey steps, I shall offer prompts and suggest things you can do which allow you new (or perhaps familiar) ways of exploring your Faery self through making cards and Journaling.

And, to be sure, I will be playing with these things alongside you!

The Next Step: A Divinatory Layout