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I developed this card layout in order to help us figure out where we are in ourselves, and how much in tune with our heart our lives are. The idea is to pull three cards, on for each of the words: I Am Here. And to lay them in the shape of a heart, like so:


‘I’ represents your core, the state of your heart now, and/or what is in your heart right now.

‘Am’ represents how you are expressing your heart.

‘Here’ represents your life and situation, the state of the world around you.

Once you have the cards, turn them over and contemplate them, meditate with them, read them however you find best. Play a little. See what they say to you about each part, your essence, your expression, and your life-situation. See if they are working together or in balance, or if something needs to shift.

Then pull a fourth card and lay it over the top of the others.

This card is: Changing.

This card is either that which needs to change in order for the first three points to come into balance, or, if they are already in balance, it points to the next movement, the next cycle, the next direction to keep in balance, in flow.

Now read the fourth card in relation to the first three and contemplate.

Be Honest.

The Next Step: Journalling Around Your Heart