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So… my current projects include learning to play the flute, a course called ‘The Beauty We Love’ on finding and multiplying beauty in our lives (run by Karina of the BlackHeart Feri line), and this: The FeyHearted Path.

Because this is as much a creative endeavour as any of my other crafts, and I would like to bring my magic and my art closer together, I will be posting here about my experiences and with things I make in connection with this.

Painting the background: I’ve always been fascinated by faeries, as a child I’m sure most of us believed in faeries for at least a little while… and I would actively seek them out. And they weren’t just fascinating, they were also a little bit scary, so most of the depictions I came across just didn’t quite capture what I felt. Brian Froud changed that… and then looking into some of the history of faerie paintings and coming across people like John Anster Fitzgerald added to my conviction that it was possible to remember the whoel of the faery lands, not just the twinkly bits.

Come a little further forward and we find, in broad strokes, a twelve year fascination and involvement in Paganism and Magic, and no dimming of my love of all things Faery.

Closer and we find, seven years deep, a love-affair with the tradition of Feri, founded by Victor and Cora Anderson, most recently incarnated as a lengthy study with T. Thorn Coyle. Alongside this is the more community based work and play within Reclaiming.

And closer still, only a month ago now, I find myself at an intensive magical retreat, working with the story of Thomas the Rhymer. A story which echoes through my life, just quietyl, in the background, but consistent, like bells that never stop ringing. The story of humans who pass into Faeryland and back, bringing the magic of Faery closer again.

And I choose. I step firmly onto the path which has called me for so long.

See there, right at the front, thats me, smiling so hard at the beauty of the world, learning how to use the skills I’ve gained over the past decade to remember my deep love… and grinning maniacly at the puzzle pieces falling together, where I can explain philosophically why exactly I feel this is so important, and take people by the hand and show to them the path to their own hearts using magic and art.

Here, finally, the two sides of my life, the crafty, creative, magical side, and the philosophical, wordy, clarity focussed side, can come together into a beautiful display, like a painted fan. Opening to beauty and delight.

If you’re interested, please check out the website, and follow me here using the ‘Feyhearted Path’ Tag! Leave comments and join me. I’ve chosen to walk this path, and I offer this website in service, in the hopes that those who can find heart in it will be able to follow the path which I light.

And the name? Halo of Hamlin? I acquired my flute almost by accident and a friend joked that this was what I should be called now. Given that I hope to lead people between the worlds I figured that this was quite an interesting turn of events. Just, please, be sure you know the way back home…