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The day begins, the sun dawns, the light streams into the world. We have decided to make space for our heart, for faery, and in making this choice our heart has opened, just a little… but we’re unsure.

At work, at school, moving through the world we live our every day in, we find ourselves wondering just how we can see what belongs in our heart, and what can be left behind, or kept only as a useful mask or tool, to wear and use but not to become too attached to.

We remember the stories, the stories of faery.

We remember our childhood walks, the moments where, just on the edge of our vision, we would catch a glimpse of the Fey Ones, shining and soft, sharp and powerful, caring and dangerous and ever so wild, Oh! Always, ever so, ever so Wild!

And you realise… Who else could help us find our Wild Faery hearts but the ever-beautiful Queen of the Faeries?

The moment comes upon you, sneaks up on you, dances towards you silently like an invisible sacred temple dancer… the moment where you realise, you can hear her voice. Her voice, calling you. The Faery Queen. She remembers you. She wants you to come home. She waits for you.

It is your choice, now, she offers an invitation, will you answer?


Today, choose.

Will you follow the Faery Queen’s song?

Will you accept her invitation to see with Faery Vision, to see the untamed beauty of the world, to see to the heart of things?

Choose, and, as soon as you can, take a walk.

Breathe deeply as you walk, really feel your feet on the floor, really notice the world around you.

Breathe it all in.

Take a walk with the intention of opening to the fey.

Say with your footsteps; Faery Queen, I accept!

Search out somewhere that feels like magic, full of delight and a sense of wildness. I went to the edge of a forest, you might go to the top of a mountain, or to a fountain in the middle of your city, or maybe catch a train and watch the fields swish by.

Find somewhere that feels RIGHT.

And ask the Faery Queen to open your eyes, to wake you up.

Breathe deeply and let yourself open.

If you are unsure, or not ready, then accept this and promise yourself you will return when you are ready.

But if you breathe deep, truly ready, she will open your faery eyes, open your heart, and let you see.

All you need do is ask.

The Next Step: Some Words from True Thomas