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(A Portrait of Sticky One)

Warm red curtains softly drape themselves around you, wrapping you in darkness. Through the thick coziness you hear, muffled but becoming clearer, the sound of a kitten playing. As Kitten comes closer the darkness lifts and She bats a glowing ball of blue light into your lap.


You’d recognise that feeling anywhere.

You rise from your sleepy seat and roll the ball to Kitten, and you swear you thought you saw her smile.

She runs through the curtains and darts back, batting the ball before her. She looks up at you, expectantly.

You don’t know where She’s going, but you just know you want to go too!


An Oil painting, glowing from the flash of my camera, shining with the light of spirit!

I painted this as an expression of my ‘Inner Child’, who is full of play and shiney, and very intense. This is where much of my art comes from, this place of play, and the ball of light, thats the energy that lights me up when I create.