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What are Faeries?

What is ‘Fey’?

If we look at the stories of faeries, all the myths and legends, we see a common theme; they are all very strongly connected to, or embodying, nature. They are not, however, merely the plants or trees or forces which they embody, they are beings which are inherently magical, beyond limits.

Humans are lured into Faery by beauty. Beautiful music, beautiful visions, beautiful food. And this beauty, once we return to earth, we pine for. So Faeryland is that place within the world, and ourselves, in which the sense of magic, wonder and beauty lies, the natural core of our being. Our Heart.

If our hearts, at their untamed core, are places of beauty and magic, then surely following the call to faery will open our hearts again to the beauty of the world? If we learn to touch the Fey parts of ourselves then we can move through our lives open to the beauty that surrounds us.

And, of course, we recall the other parts of the stories… the wilder parts… the dangerous parts…

In our heart we are natural beings, we have learnt really wonderful human skills like Compassion and language, but in our search for order we have tried to tame our Selves, and instead we have locked them away. And these parts of ourselves hurt, so we, inside, die a little each day.

Here we choose to walk down a path that will lead us back to the parts within us which we truly are. We seek all our parts, those that are good at communication, at compassion, and those that are good at standing up for ourselves and being Free.

Fey means free. Free of the locks we’ve used to keep ourselves acceptable, and free to choose to move in Compassion and beauty. Fey means to be free to be our Selves, to live our lives without unhealthy compromises, to dance to faery music so we are filled with love and joy and deep feelings even in a business meeting or a busy, grimy underground train.

Fey means so full of shiny, happy, beauty, that you cannot help but share it.

We look for our hearts, and when we live with them open, in the world, we are not only happier in ourselves, but we share some of that light with everyone around us. We need to be true to ourselves, and we need to live with others. I believe, with all my heart, that being true to ourselves will help us to be with others.

The world is getting greyer by the day, look at the people around you. I hope they are happy, but I fear they are not. Our world needs a resurgence of open hearts, shared beauty and joy. So let us join those that already search for their hearts. Let us walk this path into Faery so that we can return with our hearts and fill the world with colour again!

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