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The alarm clock wakes us, we wait, for just a moment on the edge of sleep, warm and safe, dreams close by…

Our eyes open just a crack and the light seeps in, sunlight pouring through the chink in the curtains.

We realise, in that moment before we surrender to the reality that we must arise and wash and work and go about our day, that what would make this day more beautiful, more ours, is having a little space to let our hearts peek out, seep out into the world like the sunshine filters in. We decide, in that moment, to make space for our hearts in our lives.


If we want to know our true hearts, and to let them shine into the world, then we need to make space for them in our lives. One good way to do this is to find or make something plain (ish), but in a shape that warms your heart, and to then slowly decorate it and fill it with things representing what is in your heart.

I suggest you begin to look for this HeartSpace, some kind of container, a bag or a box maybe, which you can put things in and take things out of to remind yourself of what is in your heart.

Choose or design your Heart Space, this space for your heart in your life. Think of it, if you like, as an alter, a reminder and a way of honouring what you find on this path. Because your heart is always changing, the contents and perhaps decorations will be constantly shifting… but it should always reflect what you know of your heart.

I also recommend finding a small mirror (which you may, or may not, include or put into your HeartSpace) as this will be invaluable for future Play, and some kind of notebook or space which you can record your jounrey with. Think of it as a travel journal.

Personally I intend to make cards for each stage, and will share suggestions for this process as we go, so that I have a deck of cards, ever evolving, with which I can further explore what I discover.

The Next Step: A Faery Walk