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An Enchantress is… One who enchants;
One who brings beauty, healing and delight to those around her.

One who works magic of the Fae.
One who brings beauty to the world.
One who causes change.
In recent posts I’ve discussed each of these aspects, how an enchantress uses Glamourie and Honesty, a hint of what it means to be Fae, what beauty is and how this relates to Healing. Each of these is an aspect of enchantment, the magic of the Fae. Each one can be used in negative ways too, illusion and glamourie can be used to mislead, transformation is not always healing and Faery runs by its own, untamed laws.

As human beings who live within the world, with other human beings and dependent upon the land and those around us – however self-sufficient we can manage to become we still have to depend on good relations to allow us to stay in a specific space! – it is sensible to use these skills in positive ways, to work to heal and help ourselves and others, whether human or Fay. The majority of magic-workers understand this and the fact that everything is interconnected. The double-edged nature of enchantment – and all magic – means that we can protect and defend ourselves where necessary and the interconnected nature of all means that we will think carefully about what course of action to take. As a result I will be posting almost exclusively about the positive side of enchantment and trusting my readers to follow their own ethical codes.

An Enchantress is one who enchants.

As one who focusses on beauty, healing and joy, I am also a Devotee of Delight.

I am Enchantress and Devotee of Delight. When I remember these two things together I follow a healing, beautiful path.