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Hola Lovelies!
My internet has been down since Xmas eve and I don’t know when it’ll be back up so I’ll be doing my best to read any comments and keep up with things on here in the meantime.
Hope you all had a beautiful holiday-time and are staying cozy as the new year unfolds.

Heres something I wrote for New Years, a resolution if you like, for which an idea has begun percolating as to how to make it true:

I call myself enchantress-in-training. I am a Devotee of Delight.

I believe in the power of beauty, wonder and joy to heal the world.

I believe that feeding ourselves with delight fills our own cup to overflowing so we can give back to others, so we can heal the world.

I believe in the power of Love – as cliched as it sounds.

I have spent a few years musing on the idea, wandering round it, writing about it. This is why I wrote my Feyhearted books, especially Pixie Kisses.

This year I will find a way to act on this belief in ways that feel concrete.

This is the year that I move from belief to creating change.

Faith is no good without manifestation.

I resolve to manifest enchantment, to manifest more delight in the world, to bring healing through beauty and wonder and magic to those whose lives I touch… wherever I can.

I do not know how this is so, only that it is.

May beauty kiss your life, may magic grace your heart, may delight fill your days, and may you and your world be healed through each moment of bliss that pixie-kisses you.