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The last 24 hours have been amazing.

I thank every one of you that has commented, looked and asked me for a copy of my book.

Especially those of you who want to own a copy.

I am, as I say, overwhelmed.

I am overflowing with gratitude. Gratitude for my friends, for the people around me who have and continue to support me, for the people who give me funny looks when I talk about Faeries and love me anyway (or even because of it). Gratitude for the excitement other people are sharing with me over this.

It is a wonderful thing to build bridges of joy, and I can see them growing up with every digital connection we make.

The worlds we build online are as real as those that we walk in, sleep in, love in. The worlds we can touch and feel and hear and see and smell, extend through our bodies, through the wires of the interconnecting-web, through our hearts and our words.

We build worlds of love and joy, we weave the worlds of Fey closer with every choice made in love and in alignment with our hearts.

I have seven people who have ordered one of the 13.

6 remain to find homes.

Email me if you would like to be part of this adventure as it takes to the skies!

Haloquin at googlemail dot com

And thank you. Thank you all very very much.

Watch here for further posts keeping you updated and sharing the joy!