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With absolute pleasure I can now share that my book is completely and utterly finished!

I’ve spent most of the past year working on it and now that it is done it feels like I am full of the softest clouds, all gently and unstoppably rising. I have had a copy printed for myself, and I am incredibly excited to see how it looks when it arrives!

Here is the cover:

Faery Heart Book Cover Image

Finding the Fey within and without, the
heart of our hearts, and the Beginning
of the FeyHearted Path.

Here is the description I’ve inscribed on the dust jacket  inside the front cover:

Fey Ones!
You of the wildest
You of the sacred
You dancers,
Fey ones!
May we dance through
the world together!

Are you Enchanted?
Have you been touched by the heart of the wild
and wonderous world?
Those that are feykissed feel it in their
bones… tell me, is your heart Fey?

The Faery Heart outlines the beginnings
of the path to knowing, accepting and expressing your Fey
heart, for those who are enchanted by the heart
of nature, by The Fey themselves, those who
are both Enchanted and

And now it is time to let my book fly into the world… to take on a life of its own in other’s hands, and minds, and hearts. A book is a living thing, and a book on something as untamed as the Fey and our own deep hearts is liable to take on a life of its own. With that in mind, and in honour of the Faery Queen, who has guided my hands as I crafted this small fey creature, containing hopes and dreams, words from other worlds, the story of how the world became, glimpses of the Fey realms and the beginnings of a map to guide you into your own Fey-Heartedness, I will have printed 13 hardback copies which I will sign and number just for you.

13 special copies of this magical book… because I would like the people who give it a home to treasure it, and to treasure their own path.

13 special copies of this treasure trove.

If you would like a signed, numbered, very, very limited edition hardback copy of this Fey book, please contact me.

EDITED: Thank you for all your support. You can now buy paperback or PDF copies in my Etsy shop 🙂


The high cost of printing means that I will only have them printed once I have payment for all 13 copies, and I ask, please, for £25 per book, which includes shipping the book to you. £25 is close to cost price for these books, so if you would like to sponsor this project and you can afford to give more for your copy, then by all means, please do. Each person who buys one of these thirteen will get a special mention in any further editions (though there will be no more hardcovers) and every person that can offer a little more will have an extra gift with their book, as a thank you for your support.

If you would like to preorder a limited edition, signed and numbered hardback copy of The Faery Heart please email me at: Haloquin (at) googlemail (dot) com. Once I have payment for 13 copies I will contact all those who have preordered one and let you know how long your Fey-Book will take to find its way into your loving arms!


This is both the end of a long project, and the beginning of an adventure, thank you for being here with me!