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I have a lot of projects, let’s face it. Many things I like to do, many things I’m working on at any given time.

People usually  look surprised when I tell them what I’m up to, and they often ask how I find time to do everything I’m doing.

A family member looked over my website recently and assumed I was working in collaboration with other people, how could one person do that much? That many different things?

My secret? I do everything a little at a time.

I have lots of projects because I’m in the mood to do different things at different times, and I have the capacity to do different things depending on the situation… like the lunchbreak at work is not conducive to painting with oils, but making an ATC in watercolours, writing a Haiku, scribbling in my journal or reading a philosophy article: each of these takes a short period of time and no more stuff than I can fit in my handbag.

I made a habit of always having a small journal, sketchbook, knitting project or philosophy book in my bag every time I leave the house. And often I carry two of these things so I’ve a choice. (This is why I carry almost as much with me for an evening out as for a weekend away!)

Over the course of the week I read a whole book, or draw several cards, or knit most of a top.

By the end of the month I’ve finished several projects… most of which I started months ago and have been working on for ages!

Each individual project takes a long time, but I always have something to do if I want to, and I feel very productive because I’m regularly finishing things.

I’ve often heard people say that you can find time for anything you want to do, and it’s true. That half hour at lunch, every day, has breathed life into many creations.

The other secret? If you have something you want to do, just do it.