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I have been quiet in the world of pixels for a while now because I have been focussing on getting the manuscript and illustrations together for a FaeryHearted book, about finding your own Faery Heart, what it is, and why you might like to… the minimal response to the idea of a FeyHearted Zine at this point suggested that it would be best to focus on one FeyHearted project, rather than splitting between two! Perhaps a Zine is somewhere in the future…

I went on a retreat where I journeyed with others to the four celtic cities, in the four directions, and found myself subtly transformed.

I’ve also been reading The Tree of Enchantment by Orion Foxwood and Fairies and Fairy stories A History – by Dianne Purkiss, and I plan to write about what I’ve been learning about the realm of the Fey over the past few months. I’ve been thinking about the connections between the ancestors, the gods and the fey, and about where the Faery Path fits in on my personal journey.

I’ve a lot I’d like to share here, its just finding a place to start… how do you word something experienced wordlessly? How do you pull the thoughts milling around your mind from a period of time and lay them out for others to see? How do you organise a mixture of theoretical, practical and magical moments into somethign shareable?

We’ll see.  It’ll certainly be an adventure!