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I might, if I let myself, wonder why I’ve decided to start another blog.

So, before I ask too hard and decide to delete it and save myself the time, let me list the reasons, for myself, and for my guests.

I’ve been reading several crafty blogs recently, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing peoples creations, but more than that, the thought processes and inspirations that they discover, so I am allowing myself some space to muse on my own thoughts and inspirations.

In a similar vein, I kinda want to offer something back to those people who I have found inspirational, and to share with others in a similar position to me.

I have an LJ for random, ‘this-is-whats-happening’ posts, Devaintart for artworks and somewhere on blogspot for just short stories, but nowhere for my more crafty things. As I’d like to put all my creativity in one place somewhat, I thought I’d better find a place to do it.

Finally, this is an act of magic. By gifting myself with this space, and opening up to share with anyone who wants to share with me, I hope to let my creativity really flower.

So, yeah, this is for anything creative I do or think, and for anything inspirational I find that I’d like to share. If anyone wanders through and would like to share, please do.

Hope I can give something back to those that have inspired me, and that this can be a place where I can increase, by just a little, the amount of beauty and delight in the world.