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Hello Feylings!

I’m one of those people who do a lot of different things, so I’ve tied all my offerings and adventures together into a list here. The short version? I’m an artist and writer, Goblin Circus Ringleader, storyteller, philosopher and enchantress.

I specialise in a spirit-led form of Faery Magic, and have been writing about it in various forms for many years now… which has led to an introduction to the magic I do in the form of…

Pagan Portals: Your Faery Magic

A work of many years… now published!!! Very excited Halo!!!

Pagan Portals: Gods and Goddesses of Wales

FeyHearted Oracle

Oracle Deck Set for sale

The FeyHearted Oracle and Guidebook!

Created out of my love of Faery. Very limited copies available, click on the picture for more details and links to buy it through Etsy.


Storytelling and Performance

Follow the Hare for my storytelling and performance, ‘Blue Hare Storytelling‘.

Blue Hare Storytelling

Blue Hare Storytelling

Or visit the Goblins At The Goblin Circus!!! (WEB PRESENCE UNDER RECONSTRUCTION…)

The Big Top

Serious Thinking; My Academic Philosophy

Officially I am a PhD student in philosophy of art, so I’ve created a professional page on, wanna see?

List of Publications

My published writings can be found here!

Healing Hearts Oracle

“Healing Hearts is a 50+ card deck of deities including male, female and third/other gendered deities to heal the divine in all of us.”

Simple. And oh so much deeper than it sounds.

Click to read more.

Let's bring the light of the gods into the world and heal hearts with art!


Haloquin's shop banner

Visit my shop here

I also have art and other beautiful crafts in my Etsy shop. Though it may be sleeping currently…

A Request:

You fabulous feylings who have been enchanted by my offerings, I would love to hear from you! Please email me with your thoughts, musings and what you’d like to see next!

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