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Halo in red coat and snowy landscape, writing in a leatherbound journal, grinning at the camera

Books filled with magic words and healing prayers. Pages dripping with inky spells that you can pick up and re-member at any time. Writing is a way to share knowledge, yes, but also to guide each other across the wild landscape. Maps to healing, connection, and magic made of words.

Whether your follow the fae, or the wild magic of your own heart, or seek healing, or to dive deeper into the myths of the land… A library is a wonderful place to find a guidebook.

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Learn Magic

Sometimes it isn’t enough to know that there is magic in the world. For some of us we want to weave that magic ourselves. If that’s you, then welcome.

As a witch I have been pixie-led for quarter of a century or more, studying and training in several traditions including OBOD, Reclaiming, and Feri, as well as ceremonial magic and traditional witchcraft.

I share those skills, of real magic and self-healing with you. Pour yourself a cuppa and dive on in.

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Enjoy the Show

Stories hold the keys to magic, the clues to our healing journeys, and signposts through the challenges of life. When we share stories and song, breathing life into them together as performers and audience, we root enchantment in our hearts, to carry with us wherever we are, along with the secrets in the stories themselves.

And playful walkabout brings laughter and delight. What could be more magical than that?

Listen, share, be enchanted.

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Welsh Occult Conference 2023

It is often said that paganism is the religion with homework, and occultists (like reconstructionists) take this to the next level. We are the people of the library! I love a good conference, and the Welsh occult conference is excellent. Organised and hosted by Sian Sibley and the DragonOak coven, there are always a wide…

Crimson Chat – Aphrodite with Irisanya Moon

On Monday 29th May ’23, at 10:30am Pacific / 6:30pm BST (UK time) Irisanya Moon (she/they) will be joining me in the Crimson Coven Collective Zoom Room for a deep dive into the waters of love… discussing Aphrodite, life as a love spell, and the goddess as both inspiration and powerful initiator. I’m really looking…

Letter to the AI, from an animist

A prose poem letter to the spirit that we know as AI. As an animist, all things have a life, so why would AI be any different?

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