Close up of a cute angel statue smiling, grabbing a star from the sky saying "Overwhelmed? I'll get it." with gold line art of roses round edge and text at top: Halo Quin - Virtual Assistant Services - Email, Web editing, Graphics, and more. Text at bottom: Neurodivergent friendly admin support!

I’m currently fully booked for admin clients, but you’re welcome to get in touch using the form below and I’ll let you know when I have time open up in the future.

The short version: Overwhelmed by your “To Do” list? Too many admin tasks? I can help! Get in touch with this form, or read on for more details…

Dear fellow creative,

I know exactly what it’s like to have all these wonderful exciting projects to be working on, all the fascinating, creative work that we signed up to do, and then to get mired in the drudgery of the administrative work. Checking emails, reposting the same information in a dozen different places, fiddling with aligning that text in your latest mailout…

You just want to get on and CREATE, to be the brilliant, shining person you are and share your gifts with the world. But those pieces need building and it just eats into your creative headspace.

Turns out, my years of doing these tasks for myself means I have those skills, and I actually enjoy supporting others in bringing their dreams into the world. I love taking that pressure off so you can just be your biggest, bestest self while I deal with some of those annoying little details that keep it all running smoothly.

So if you’ve ever dreamt about having your very own personal assistant, here’s your chance. Your very own business angel (flaming sword not included), making your work easier.

Some of the things I can take off your hands include;

Taking course and product information and turning it into a variety of posts for social media

Streamlining your client information to keep you on track

Setting up event pages and posts on Facebook

Creating mailouts for your mailing list

Updating webpages (I have experience with WordPress, Weebly, and Wix)

Crafting images to catch your clients’ eyes

Responding to email queries

Proofreading and editing information before sharing

And more.

Drop me an email or use the form above and we’ll set up a time to chat about what you need support with and what you can budget for.

Happy Thoughts and Helpful Hands,

~Halo Quin

Black background with gold line art of roses round edge and text: Halo Quin - Virtual Assistant Services - Email, Web editing, Graphics, and more. Overwhelmed by your to do list? I can help. Neurodivergent friendly admin support!

(Angel Photography by Alexas_Fotos – Captioning & edits by Halo)