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Recently I stumbled across a very shiny project called Create With Care.

It was about looking at our art-making practices and challenging ourselves to clean up our acts… our creativity is often inspired by the natural world, our lives depend upon it and our very materials come from the earth. Without  big ol’ Mother Nature we creative folk (and that’s all of us) would be in very dire straits indeed!

I wandered into the party a little late (as usual!) and was just in time to send in some afterthoughts on why exactly we should strive to be aware of what we do – especially when we’re being creative – which Yaga kindly published… and I was inspired to put together a mini-workbook on the topic too. Sign up to my newsletter to get it when it appears!

My thoughts on the topic ran like this…

Our world is built on technology which has grown through a belief that the world is here for us to use as we wish. This belief has lead to clear-cutting of forests, polluted skies, oceans of plastic, extinction and genocide. As folk who are inspired by nature, who are connected to the most fundamental and natural human instinct after survival – creation – we can see how clearly this disconnection has cost us and we can show the world. We are capable of inspiring others to care for and protect and respect the world around us. This respect is what might, ultimately, save us and the land we live on.

If we are to do this, however, don’t we need to do our best to take this respect into the very practices that we love so much?

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