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Hello Feylings!

If you’ve been following this blog and the Feyhearted project for the past few months, you’ll have seen the Pixie Kisses – weekly posts of suggestions for inviting enchantment into your life…

I am delighted to announce that these posts have been collected into a book, alongside the letters to my mailing list which accompanied them, paintings and photos from my own feyhearted explorations, and some extra material written especially for the project.

And it is up on Lulu now! Here it is:

A Parcel of Pixie Kisses

Enchantment in little kisses...

Do you long for enchantment?

Do you revel in delight?

Are you drawn to the Fey?

Choose, now, to walk in a world of beauty, of delight. Choose, now, to be enchanted by life!

Suggestions, musings and explorations of enchantment in bite-sized kisses in a dainty book, ready to wing its way into your life and guide you through play to the magic that surrounds you every day.

Be enchanted!