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I have 5 minutes, one topic, and a blog: GO!

Writing as Creation

Clearly writing can be creative, I mean, its pactically creating something from nothing! You have all the elements mentioned in my post on the Philosophy of Creativity: The Urge to Create something, the resistance to it, the influences from the world around… plus the all important thing to write with. But what are you creating? Are the words themselves the creation? Is it the actual physical thing you write on? The digital blog-page? Is that what is created?

Lets take a song: say you write a song with a narrative.

What have you made? A song, a story, a piece of paper/digital page with words on it, marks, a shape picked out by the lines of words…

But if you then sing it, is that singing the same thing? Did you make that sung song too, in the first act of writing? If you copy it and someone else sings it, what then? If you email it to all your friends, are all those copies part of that first creation?

And the story… the narrative, you made that too.

Creation is amazing. One act can result in soemthing so huge.

Or it can result in a rambling muse on a blog floating in cyberspace.

And thats 5 minutes gone. Time to go out. Thoughts anyone? Anyone like to see more of these?

If you guys suggest topics, I’ll pick them randomly according to mood and give it a go, see what comes out. 🙂