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Standing on the land as the sun rises, beneath your feet you feel a ripple, a gentle pulsing of warmth, growing stronger.

You listen, feeling the vibrations, watching the world become lighter.

You find yourself reminded of a giant heartbeat…

A distant heart in the heart of the world…

Can you feel it?


A few days ago I was with a beautiful group of people and, on the last day we were together, we walked across the land before breakfast for one last ritual. Our intention was to connect with the light of Faeryland, and to learn a way in which we could carry this light into the world. Inspired by R. J. Stewart‘s Exercise, The Rising Light Below, I led us all in a trance together as the light of the land rose within us.

Before I share the vision, first, a little theory:

I’ve come across theories on Faeryland, I’ve heard it called the place where nothing changes, the place where every rose is the essence of a rose, rather than a rose itself. R. J. Stewart describes it as though it were a blueprint for our world, and one which we have ignored in the execution of our lives. Instead of working in harmony with the world, we have separated ourselves off and isolated our selves.

I, then, propose that Faeryland and our human world were once the same, whole, together, connected. Over time, we humans learnt ways of manipulating the world around us, ways which got us great power very quickly, and before we realised the damage this would do, we had taken our toys and run off with them, leading to a separation between the land of the Fey, the magical, primal energies of the land, and the world we inhabit wherein we see each thing as an individual, as separate, to be used.

Our world became soulless, because we stopped seeing its heart.

The Faery world drifted away, because we could no longer see life as an interconnected web of beauty in the way we once did. This ‘once upon a time’ may, possibly, have been merely mythological, but given that I know from experience that we are capable of seeing the world as ensouled, and that life is so much better, for me at least, when I do, I figure it matters little whether this was a mythological once upon a time, or a literal one.

Faeryland, then, is the archetype of the world, its heart.

We are disconnected from the heart of the world, and so we see the world as merely something to be used up.

Using up the world, as we are becoming increasingly more aware, leads to pain, suffering, illness, death. Certainly we have had many short term gains, but our livestyles are unsustainable.

Perhaps, I feel, if we are able to remember the heart of the world, to heal the separation between the human world and the Faery world, to reunite body and soul, we may see how to live our lives in a way which does not destroy our beautiful planet, or our spirits.

And yes, I am aware that I have Western privilages, including internet access, and the like. This is one reason I know I need to learn this too.

And so, to the vision…


Go outside.

Feel your feet upon the land.

Feel the heart of the earth, beating.

Feel your heart, beating in time with the earth’s heart.

Feel the heart beat glow, warm and bright, deep within the land.

Feel the light begin to rise, come closer, grow bright.

Feel it flow up and up, the light of Faery within the land, coming close to our world.

Closer and closer.

Until they kiss.

And in the kiss the light flows up into your body and around you, up through your feet, legs, torso, and into your head.

Hold it here, feel it fill you, feel yourself becoming more attuned to the light of Faery.

And then, let it flow gently back down into the earth, leaving a shard of light in your heart.

Just a piece of light, however much or little you can hold easily.

Now let this light grow and feel it throughout your body.

This light in your heart is connected with the light in the land.

Listen, sense, feel.

What do the Fey have to tell you?

What small job do they have for you to do to help heal the separation between the worlds?

Wait until you know, something concrete, simple, doable, practical, precise.

Wait, holding the feeling of the light within you until there is something you can agree to, commit to.

And send an answer to the Fey, the Faery Queen, tell them that you agree to the task they have set you.

Accept, and bid them farewell.

Now let the light dim down to a level you are able to hold comfortably today.

Each morning you can check this light and see if it is at the right level for you, in that day.

If it is too bright, let it dim, and if too dim, let a little light flow from the earth up into your heart to strengthen it.

If ever it feels like you should not be carrying the light at all, or if it is too much to keep it, then let it all flow back into the earth.

Remember your commitment.

Move out into the world carrying the light with you.

Bring the world of Faery and the human world back together.

And remember, you are not alone, all around the world, others are working to heal the separation between the worlds also.