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Walking on this path we have promised to be honest, we have begun to make space for our hearts in our lives, and we have learnt how to open the Faery senses.

Let us now put these things together.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit and play.

Open your Faery senses in the way the Faery Queen told you.

Feel the mists between the worlds descend and feel your senses open. Know that you can see with Faery sight, hear with Faery ears, feel with Faery senses.

Sit with your journal and your Heart-Space – your box or bag or whatever called you – and feel what belongs in this bag. Meditate or muse while open on these questions:

What is in my heart?

What fills my heart with love and joy and delight?

What fills my heart with warmth, but I won’t let myself hold?

And what am I holding onto in my heart that I no longer need?

You might want to write or draw or doodle in your journal around these thoughts. You may suddenly realise you have the perfect thing to represent something you would like to hold in your heart and feel compelled to go get it and see how it feels to place it in there.

Feel how your Heart-Space feels to you. Is it missing things? Is it overflowing with love? Is it a little leaky? Are there some things you feel you would never put in there, but would like to just the same?

Allow insights to arise, take your time and come back to this later and see how the answers have changed.

If you would like to, I include some suggestions for journaling below.

Mark out a heart shape in your journal.

What fills your heart?

Fill the shape with images of things that fill your heart with warm/love/Faery

Collage, draw, write, doodle, whatever feels good to you.

What fills you with love?

What would you like to hold in your heart, but are scared to? What do you know fills you with love, but you resist taking it in?

What supports you in bringign your heart into your life?

Surround the heart with things that support your heart/bringing your heart into the world.

You can keep adding to this over time, allowing images to come to you in magazines or leaflets, or drawing them directly onto the page. Allowing words to arise, painting over images, cutting holes… anything that feels like it expresses what you feel would best fill your heart, and that surrounds you with a safe place to express your heart.

Be honest. Be as gentle with yourself as you need to be. Play!

You may want to scan these images and print them out at card size so you can make them into a deck of cards, carry them with you easily, or keep them visible around your home or workplace. You can make these images into wallpaper for your desktop, or posters for your room, or anything that helps you remember who you are. You may want instead to sit with the journal pages and condense them down directly onto a card, drawing or writing out the bits that most resonate into something that can remind you of the whole.

Experiment. Play. Enjoy.

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